A startup pitch that gets you an Ok, Yes!

How to create a user-centric pitch

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Are you a startup founder struggling to refine your startup pitch? Storytelling helps!
Beyond cold bullet points, think about how your solution transforms your user. That’s how you create a relatable pitch that gets attention. I can help you create a narrative that makes sense!

Free 1-hour online workshop hosted by Alejandra Copeland.

    A female founder working on her startup

    In this 1-hour online workshop you’ll learn how to storyboard a pitch centered around your user’s problem:

    • Understanding your user’s motivations


    • Sketching out the world around the user


    • Explaining how your solution fits within your user’s world

    About Alejandra


    Hello, I’m Alejandra Copeland, founder of Ok, Yes!


    Throughout my career I’ve produced trailers for TV shows, pitches + case studies for large corporations and digital campaigns for tech companies. By leveraging my 20 years of experience creating high-stakes marketing content, my mission is to help startups get their PITCH together.


    Applying my storyboarding method, I’ve successfully helped entrepreneurs overcome a dull pitch presentation. As a result, founders can plot an attractive story that helps them become one with their pitch.

      Storytelling for Startups webinar by Alejandra Copeland