The best pitch for your startup

Come up with a persuasive business pitch that unlocks funding, drives recruitment and gets traction. Using our innovative storyboarding method, you’ll create an intriguing arc for your startup pitch. Make investors, potential recruits and users say Ok, yes! to your solution.

    Build the best pitch for your startup with our creative tools
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    A communications toolkit for the early stage startup

    Work on your startup pitch with our guides


    We believe every new venture deserves a chance to succeed. However, a growing startup constantly deals with new sets of challenges, marketing included.


    This is why we crafted a communications toolkit for the early stage startup, loaded with proven how-to guides to creatively empower founders. From creating a pitch deck, defining a mission statement, producing a demo or telling your success story through a case study, Ok, yes! was with startup founders in mind.

    Guides created by pitch expert Alejandra Copeland

    Video Lessons


    Get a detailed step by step explanation of how to build a narrative arc for your content and discover how to tell an authentic story that resonates with your audience.



    Advance your story from beginning to end by applying our storyboarding method. Follow your video lesson by completing its worksheet, and get your story together.

    1 on 1 Consulting


    Sometimes you need an extra set of eyes to review your content. You can unlock a virtual session with our expert to go over your storytelling or related questions.

    A simple way to work on your startup pitch

    A simple way to work on your startup pitch

    As a founder, wearing multiple hats means you’re the one coming up with a creative pitch for your startup. But with time and attention in high demand, storytelling can lead to writer’s block. If you need an easy to follow, step by step guide to creating the best pitch for your startup, Ok, yes was built just for you.